Seven Benefits Of Having A Humidifier In Your Home

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If you live in a desert climate where the air is often dry, you may wish to install a humidifier in your home. This device can be integrated with your furnace and air conditioner. It will add moisture to the air before it is blown out through your ducts. When you install a humidifier, you get to enjoy a number of benefits including:

Fewer respiratory issues: When the air is dry, it tends to dry out your respiratory tract, leading to an itchy throat, coughing, and even sneezing. Adding moisture to the air eases these symptoms. You'll be less prone to nosebleeds, too.

Softer skin: Dry air also leads to dry skin. If you're tired of always slathering yourself in lotions, add a humidifier to your home. Your skin will look smoother and more vibrant, and you should be able to reduce your reliance on moisturizing cosmetics.

Relief from snoring: Dry nasal passages can cause you to breathe out of your mouth rather than your nose at night, leading to snoring. With more moisture in the air, you can breathe easy, which will make your family happier because you'll be quieter at night. You'll probably get better sleep, too, since you won't be awoken by a dry nose or throat.

Lower heating costs: A home that's more humid feels warmer than one with really dry air. By adding some moisture to the air, you should be able to stay comfortable with the thermostat a few degrees lower – and this will reduce your heating bills.

Better-looking wood furniture: Over time, exposure to dry air can cause wooden furniture (and even floor boards and door frames) to crack. Keeping the air more moist will preserve these wooden items and reduce your need to furniture oils and polishes.

Healthier house plants: When the air is dry, any moisture your plants take in evaporates quickly from their leaves. This can stunt their growth and cause them looking yellow, but they'll perk right up if you install a humidifier.

Less static: If you're always getting shocked when you walk across the carpet or pull on your socks, this is because your air is dry. Adding moisture to the air will get rid of annoying static.

If your air is too dry, talk to your local HVAC company about installing a humidifier. There are several different styles, including drum and misting humidifiers, and a technician, like one from A Absolute Plumbing & Heating, will help you choose the one that's best for you.