A Few Ways To Save Money On Air Conditioning Repair

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At some point in time, you are going to notice that your central air system is not working very well. It could be blowing warm air or it may be running constantly. Maybe you'll notice an exceptionally high electric bill. If having a technician come out to fix things is not in your budget at the moment, here are a few things you can do to keep the repair bill to a minimum.

Replace Filters and Clean the Coils

The first thing you should do is replace the filters. Make sure you replace any that are in the walls and or ceilings too. Some units have extra filters inside to catch anything the return air filter missed. While replacing the filters in the unit, look inside to make sure it is not all dusty. Clean off the coils with a soft brush attachment on a vacuum machine. Sometimes this will be enough to make the unit work properly again. If it isn't, you will still save money because the technician will not have to do these simple tasks.

Check for Deals

Look online, in newspapers, and in mailed advertisements for coupons for air conditioning service and repairs. Since it isn't air conditioning season, finding a discount may be easy. You can also call a few companies to see if they are having any specials on air conditioning repairs this winter.

Wait for the Off-Season

If it is close to the end of the warm season, and the repair is going to be more than the extra electric bill, wait a few months. During the time when neither heat nor air conditioning is needed the HVAC companies are not as busy. This means they are willing to have lower service fees for repairs. Do not wait until everyone will be having their heating systems serviced and repaired or the prices will go back up. If it is the middle of the summer, do not call for an emergency repair unless absolutely necessary. Use fans to get through a couple of days until the technician can come out.

Keeping your home cool means everyone stays comfortable. However, if paying for the repair is going to leave you financially strapped, try and find other ways to keep the house from getting too hot. Avoid using appliances that generate heat and make sure you have insulated drapes to keep the sun from warming things up.