Signs That You Need A New AC

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As you shut down your AC system for the season and switch over to the furnace, you may have some concerns on whether you will need to replace the AC before next summer. Winter is a good time to assess the air conditioner for replacement, since you will have several months to plan the purchase and installation. The following are signs that it may be time to begin researching new units.

#1: Poor cooling

Did you spend the hot days of summer adjusting the thermostat and wishing it would get a bit cooler inside? Or, perhaps only some rooms were adequately cool regardless of where you set the thermostat. Poor cooling indicates one of two things – with the air conditioner is suffering issues or it's too small for your home. If this was a new problem and you haven't expanded your home, then the culprit is likely the AC. Schedule an inspection to ensure there are no easy to repair issues, such as a thermostat replacement. If not, begin planning for a replacement.

#2: The unit is old

There are many quality units that have served well for decades, but changing technology is rendering these units obsolete. The biggest concern with an older unit is if it runs on Freon. Freon has been replaced with more sustainable refrigerants so it isn't possible to have an old Freon-unit recharged. If your older unit runs on Freon, begin researching new units so you are prepared when the day you replace comes, as this will likely be sooner rather than later.

#3: Frequent repairs

Did you spend much of the previous few months troubleshooting your AC or calling in the repair technician? If so, then it may not be cost-effective to keep the older unit working. Some repairs are normal, such as periodic fan and motor housing cleaning or belt replacements. If problems much more severe than periodic maintenance or basic upkeep were occurring, such as repeatedly burned out motors, then it is time to consider a new unit.

#4: Efficiency issues

Newer units are more efficient and use less electricity than older AC units. If your electrical bill is rising, then you should take some time to research the standard electrical usage of your current AC and compare it to some of the newer models on the market. You may find that a new AC will pay for itself within a few months or a couple of years in energy savings alone.

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