3 Great Ways To Improve Your HVAC

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It can be difficult to deal with ever increasing utility bills. Homeowners, constantly trying to reduce their monthly bills, often turn down the thermostat and deal with a slightly colder, less comfortable home during the winter. Of course, you want to use your heating devices as little as possible to save money, but you can save even more cash if your system is more efficient. You might be able to reduce your utility bills without turning down your thermostat this winter. Here is here are three simple ways to get the most out of your furnace.

Tape and Insulate Your Ducts

The efficiency of your duct system is going to have a big impact on the efficiency of your furnace and other large components. That is, if your air ducts are leaking at the seams and connections, then it doesn't really matter how modern or efficient your furnace is. So, one of the first thing you should do is check your air ducts and tape the seams to make sure that they are airtight.

The majority of your ducts are within the drywall, so you can't do anything about them. However, there are also going to be lengths of duct that are exposed. These sections also happen to be the most vulnerable ducts. They can get hit and moved around. You should also consider adding insulation to the exposed ducts to reduce heat loss. This is important in cold climate, especially if you have exposed ducts in your basement or garage.

Replace Your Air Filter

You can also get more out of your furnace by replacing your filter regularly. The thing about regular filter replacement is that it promotes productivity throughout your entire system. As long as your filters are regularly replaced, many other vital components are going to function properly and maintain maximum efficiency.

Professional HVAC Services

The final but equally important thing you should do to maintain efficiency of your furnace is to have your furnace professionally serviced once a year. Most service calls will cost less than $100. An HVAC pro can help you find and prevent a possible problems before they become severe. If there is an actual problem with your furnace, getting it repaired immediately is going to always be cheaper than waiting.

These are three simple things you should take care of ASAP if you want to keep your air conditioning system productive and efficient.