The Two Seasons Of Wisconsin And How To Prepare For Them

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People who visit Wisconsin are often pleased to see the beautiful fall leaves and witness the rainbows in what they assume is spring. Everyone who lives here knows better. There are not four seasons in Wisconsin; there are only two. There is winter, and there is air conditioning season. Here is how your HVAC contractor can help you prepare for these two seasons. 

On the First Really Hot Day

In Wisconsin, the first really hot day is somewhere toward the end of May or beginning of June. Really hot in Wisconsin usually means about mid- to upper '80's. Turn on your air conditioner to make sure it is working. If it does not cool your house down to the low '70's range within an hour or two, you will need to call the HVAC technician to make an appointment. At this time of the year, you can expect to book an all-day appointment about a week to three weeks out, depending on the company and the technician. It is the biggest reason for turning your A/C on and checking its efficacy on the very first hot day, even if the temperatures will be in the '50's the rest of the week.

Have the Technician Check, Repair, and Replace or Refill Parts

When the technician is due to show up, make sure they check, inspect, repair, replace, and refill everything that might be wrong with your air conditioner. Do not miss or skip out on your appointment because, as Murphy's Law states, what you do not expect to happen will, and it will likely end up being ninety degrees on the day after you were supposed to keep your appointment. By keeping your appointment, you can be ready for all of the rest of the scorching hot days of "air conditioning season." 

While You Have Your Technician's Attention....

At most, air conditioning season lasts four months. The rest of the year is winter to a greater or lesser degree. It has been known to blizzard in Wisconsin on the third to last day of May, and begin snowing the end of September. While you have the technician present to check out your A/C, ask them to check your furnace too. It will not be long before you have to turn the furnace back on to keep the house warm because winter will return. With any luck, you might have a slight reprieve between A/C season and winter, but you should still be ready for it. 

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