Keep Cool: Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs A Repair

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Air conditioning is a wonderful thing when the weather is hot and steamy. If you are a person that can't stand the humid weather, then you know how important your air conditioning can be. In order to stay cool all summer, you have to pay attention to the small problems that can occur with your air conditioner in order to avoid a complete system breakdown. While you can't prevent every emergency, you can get your system repaired when you find issues with how it is running. From a system that keeps turning on and off to problems with getting cold air out of your vents, know when to call for an AC repair before you are left in the heat.

Your System Keeps Turning On and Off

If you hear your air conditioning turn on and it turns off again before your home is cooled down, your air conditioner is going through rapid cycling. The first thing to check is your air filter. A clogged filter can cause your system to work too hard and shut off as it overheats. In really hot conditions, it is common for your air conditioner to overheat when the filter is clogged. The issue can also be low refrigerant levels or be on the wrong setting.

When You Find Ice On Your Evaporator Coils

Ice can build up on your evaporator coils if the conditions are just right. If your blower stops removing moisture from the evaporator coils, ice builds. You can try turning off your air conditioning and letting the ice melt. Sometimes this is all your system needs to remove ice from the evaporator coils. If the ice starts accumulating again, call for an AC repair to see what is going on. You may need more refrigerant, or your blower could need to be replaced.

If Air Isn't Cold Enough

Low refrigerant levels cause the air that is coming out of your air conditioner to be warm. In addition, you could have a broken compressor that needs to be repaired. Sometimes the problem is as simple as a setting on your thermostat. Check to make sure your air conditioner is on cool and not fan only before calling for a repair.

Stay cool this summer with good air conditioning maintenance. Pay attention to signs that it is not working correctly, and call for help whenever you notice a leak, strange noise, or warm air.

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