A/C Services By Season Of The Year: What You Need To Know After You Get Your First Air Conditioner

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Installing a residential air conditioner adds value to your home. It also makes your home more comfortable in the warmer months, or if you are living in the southern states, comfortable all year long. However, as a new owner of a brand new air conditioner, you will need to know how to take care of it so that this appliance lasts a long time. The following shows which A/C services you need each season of the year. 


Each fall, you will need an HVAC technician to check out and maintain your heating and cooling appliances. That applies to newer air conditioners as well as older air conditioners. After your technician checks everything out and okays it, they then cover and wrap the outdoor half of the unit to protect it against snow and ice (if you live in a northern state). If you live in a southern state, the technician just cleans the unit and makes sure all of the filters are replaced so that you can continue using the unit the rest of the year. 


In winter, you will not be using your A/C unit, so this is actually an "off-season" for A/C services. If you live in the South, you may need repairs if something goes wrong with your cooling appliance, but if you have already had it maintained in the fall then nothing should go wrong in the "winter" down south. Everything that should be running during this season should be operational or not operating at all, depending where you live. 


Spring is a good time to have your cooling appliance checked again, just to make sure it is ready to cool your home through the hottest months of the year. If you just went through a really cold winter, then it is even more important to have the unit checked in spring. Spring is also a good time to complete any major repairs that you opted not to complete in the fall. Completing the repairs now avoids the seasonal rush on repairs for air conditioning in the summer. Spring is the most common season for scheduling air conditioner installation, but you have already had your A/C installed. It is good to remember in case you need a new air conditioner installed ten to twenty years down the road. 


In summer, repair technicians are very busy making repairs to A/C units that stop working, have been overworked and now do not work, and/or are not working properly. Hopefully, you will never need repairs in the summer, but that is the typical set of services technicians offer during this time of year. It helps to schedule as soon as you realize that your unit needs repair work.