Residential Boiler & Heating Problems

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Although many homes have gas furnaces in them as a means for obtaining heat from the HVAC system, sometimes boilers are used instead. A furnace can also be used in place of a water heater, such as for obtaining hot water for showering, cooking, and other daily needs. If you use a boiler and have been experiencing problems with heat in your household, a plumber can help to resolve the problem. Depending on what exactly is happening, there are several repairs that a plumber might need to perform before the heating will return again. It is also possible that the boiler isn't the culprit of the problem although it is responsible for producing the heat.

The Central Heater Doesn't Work

If the problem is that your central heater doesn't turn on as it should, the problem might not be the boiler. You might actually need to turn on the electricity flow to the boiler, such as by turning a circuit breaker back on that has tripped. The problem might also stem from the boiler not getting gas if it requires it to run. Another problem might stem from the boiler not being able to fill up with water, which can happen from a leaking plumbing line. A plumbing contractor can seal a leak up or install a new line so water can begin flowing into the boiler.

There Is No Hot Water in the House

When a boiler is being used to produce hot water, several problems can lead to not being able to obtain any. For example, you might not be able to obtain hot water because the boiler hasn't heated any up yet. In most cases, you would simply need to wait a while to allow the boiler to heat the water up to resolve the problem. However, it is also a possibility that the boiler isn't functioning properly and requires a repair. A plumber can pinpoint the nature of repair that is needed time after giving the boiler a thorough inspection.

Water Isn't Hot Enough

If you are able to obtain heat that isn't as hot as it normally is, the temperature of the boiler might be the problem. For example, there is a thermostat on the boiler that might need to be turned up to a higher temperature. Another possibility is that the thermostat is damaged and requires a repair or total replacement due to normal wear and tear.