3 Good Reasons To Switch From A Wood Stove To An Electric Furnace

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For many years, people relied on wood stoves and fireplaces to generate heat inside the home. Wood was readily available, the stoves and fireplaces were easy enough to implement, and no other outside fuel was required. While heating with wood definitely has its advantages, if you are still heating your home with a wood stove, it may be time to make the change.

It is fine to keep wood as a backup heating source, but working with an HVAC contractor to install an electric furnace can bring about several advantages. Take a look at a few good reasons to consider installing an electric furnace in your home if you are still relying on a wood stove. 

Electric furnaces are far more capable of providing a stable heat temperature. 

Wood stoves are fairly notorious for delivering fluctuating temperatures. You could have some wood that burns red hot and generates an astounding level of heat for a short time, and you can run into some wood that burns slower and stays a little more consistent. The problem is, there is no real good way to regulate the temperature once the fire is burning. You can use the damper to control the flow of air and control the burn rate, but this does not necessarily help you regulate the temperature. Electric furnaces allow you to choose what temperature you want your home to be. 

Electric furnaces don't require as much physical energy from you to function. 

When you use wood to heat your home, you are faced with sourcing wood to burn, making a place for the wood on your property, and then carrying the wood to the stove to keep it filled. Through the coldest months of the year, this can mean you have a lot of physical work to do just to stay warm. With the installation of an electric furnace, you get ample heat with the touch of a button. 

Electric furnaces offer a clean heat source that won't generate air-quality issues. 

Wood stoves have a series of pipes that route smoke and fumes out through a chimney. However, every time you open the door to add more wood, the smoke and fumes can escape into the house. If you take a look at a home that has relied on a wood stove for a long time, it is not uncommon to see soot and smoke stains on the ceiling around the wood stove. On the other hand, an electric furnace offers clean heat without exhaust fumes or smoke to contaminate the air. 

For more information on heating installation when you're switching from a wood stove to an electric furnace, talk to HVAC contractors in your area.