Home Air Conditioning Services to Stay Cool Until the End of Summer

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As the hot weather begins to peak, and then, tapper off—your air conditioning is working harder than ever to keep you cool. This means that there are things that need to be done to ensure you do not have problems. First, there is maintenance to do, and there may also be a few repairs that need to be done. The following air conditioning services will help ensure your home stays cool until the end of summer:

End-of-Summer AC Maintenance

Your air conditioner needs to be serviced before the start of summer, and at the end of summer before you turn it off. Therefore, one of the first things that you will want to ask an air conditioning service about is servicing your AC. This will include routine maintenance like changing filters, as well as checking the refrigerant and adjusting parts to ensure your system is working efficiently to keep your home comfortable.

Changing Air Filters and Duct Maintenance

The air filter of your AC is important and needs to be changed frequently throughout the summer months. If you are not a person that will do this on your own, talk to air conditioning services about a maintenance contract. The maintenance contract will include the routine filter changes and other maintenance that needs to be done throughout the summer months. It will also help you catch problems and have them repaired before they cause your air conditioner to breakdown when you need it the most.

Cleaning the Condensing Unit and Checking for Damage

The condensing unit is the area of your air conditioner where you are likely to have the most problems during the winter months. This is often due to problems with parts getting dirty, which can cause them to freeze over with ice. Air conditioning services can help clean the unit and check for damage that needs to be repaired due to storms and pests.

Checking Refrigerant Levels and Minor Repairs Before Shutting Off the AC

The refrigerant levels of old air conditioners can get low due to wear and leaks. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the refrigerant gas levels checked before summer ends. The HVAC technician can charge the system if it needs gas and revise other areas of your AC for problems that need to be repaired before you quit using it for the summer months.

As the summer weather ends, your air conditioner will still need upkeep to keep your home cool and comfortable. Contact air conditioning services for help with maintenance and repairs that you need before the hot weather ends.