HVAC System Improvements To Make Your Home Comfortable And Efficient

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The HVAC system you have installed for heating and cooling may be in need of a few upgrades. There are various options to improve the efficiency of your system and the comfort of your home. You may want to consider insulation humidifiers or adding zoned controls. There are also other options for more efficient air conditioning or heating. The following HVAC system improvements can improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.

Replacing the Furnace and AC

The first improvements to your HVAC system that you want to consider are replacements for the AC and furnace. If you are planning on replacing the AC, there are options like high-efficiency units and heat pumps. The heat pumps can also be a great solution if you are planning on replacing the furnace too. If an AC heat pump is not the right solution for your home's heating needs, you may want to consider options like hydro-air designs to improve the efficiency of your home.

Updating HVAC Ductwork

The HVAC ductwork is another area where upgrades can improve your system. The ducts may be damaged and outdated. This can lead to problems with air leaks and energy loss. Thus, the ducts may be one of the areas of your HVAC system where you want to invest in improvements. The ducts can be repaired and reinsulated, or you can have them completely replaced. If you keep the existing ducts, install new insulation and shorten long runs to reduce energy loss. If you are replacing the ducts, you may want to consider options like compact ducts.

Installing New HVAC Controls

The installation of new HVAC controls may be another improvement that you want to make. Today, options for HVAC thermostats are much more than just a programmable thermostat. You may want to ask your HVAC service about options like zoned HVAC with smart controls. The smart controls adjust settings automatically, connect to the internet, and control the system with an app on your phone.

Adding Humidifiers and Air Purification

The air quality in your home is another important aspect of your home's HVAC design. This is because these systems have integrated filtration, but there are options for better air purification for your home. Therefore, you may want to ask your HVAC technician about integrated air purification. In addition, there are also options to have built-in humidifier solutions added to your HVAC system. The humidifier will provide humidity when needed and reduce the humidity in your home when it is too dry.

The right improvements to your HVAC system can improve comfort and make your home more efficient. Contact an HVAC service to discuss these options to update your system.