Repair Tips for Heating Burners That Produce Yellow Flames

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You can tell pretty quickly how well your heating system's burners are performing by examining the color of flames that they make. When they are yellow, that's a bad sign as the burners could be very dirty and might soon start to fail. You need to address this problem with the following steps quickly.

Identify the Number of Burners

The first step to addressing dirty burners with a heating system is figuring out how many burners there actually are. You need to know this in order to order enough cleaning products and clean the right number of burners for an effective repair.

Residential heating systems will have different amounts of burners, but these components aren't that difficult to locate and identify. As long as you can pinpoint the flame created by the heating system, you can easily locate the burners producing the flames. You may need to remove the paneling that is covering the burners to get a better look.

Take the Burners Out

Most burners in a residential heating system will be located in a burner box. You can open this up and then take the burners out completely. This is something you need to do because it's going to help you clean these components a lot easier.

You won't be inhibited by other structures and you can verify your cleaning efforts have a huge payoff. Once you get done cleaning, you can insert the burners back into the burner box and see if that was enough to restore them. Just make sure you install the burners back correctly before turning on the power source. 

Use a Brass Brush for Cleaning

Expensive cleaning products aren't required to effectively remove the debris that has collected on your heating system's burners. A brass brush may seem simple, but it can help you clean a lot of things off the burners without much effort.

The brass materials are durable, but not so rough on the burners that they would damage them. You just need to clean all surfaces of the burners until you can verify they're clean. That's going to help them produce a blue flame, which indicates the burners are working optimally again.

Burners on furnaces can get so dirty that they stop working like they're supposed to and actually produce a yellow type of flame. Fixing this problem won't require a lot of special skills. Just find the burners, inspect them, and then clean them off with the appropriate tools that you're able to access. 

For more information about cleaning your heating system's burners, contact a local heating repair service near you to learn more.