Air Conditioning Services When Trouble Starts Before Summer Ends

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The summer months are starting to draw to an end, but there is still hot weather to come. Thus, your AC is not done keeping your home cool, and it might break down when you still need it this year. Issues that you might have to deal with before the seasons change and you can turn your AC off include:

Dealing With AC Breakdowns

During the hot summer weather, your AC might break down for several reasons. These issues are often due to a lack of maintenance, but they can cause severe damage to the system. Start troubleshooting by checkings the breakers and electrical components. Sometimes, a bad capacitor is the culprit of an AC breakdown in late summer and needs to be replaced. If the system is dirty due to months of use, it might freeze over with ice, which can cause damage. If this happens, turn the system off and call for help with repairs after it thaws.

Staying On Top of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintenance of your AC is very important during hot summer weather. Staying on top of the maintenance through the season will help prevent problems at the end of summer. An AC technician can service and inspect your system one last time before fall to ensure it is working when you need it. They can also deal with any minor wear-related repairs that need to be done after the AC has been running all summer.

Identifying Signs of Trouble Early

Getting a head start on problems will prevent them from growing and causing severe damage. Thus, it is important to start with AC maintenance in early spring. You want to continue with routine inspections of your air conditioning to catch problems and have them repaired before they cause serious damage. Issues that you want to look for when inspecting your system include reduced airflow from vents, noises at the unit or blower, and the system cycling more frequently.

Dealing With Problems When Air Stops Flowing

Some of the problems with your air conditioning at the end of summer might be due to airflow. This can happen because of a dirty filter, a bad blower fan, or damaged ductwork. To check for airflow problems, tie a piece of ribbon or string to the vents. If some of the vents have less air coming out of them, it will be noticeable because the ribbon on the affected vent will barely move. If you suspect there is an airflow problem, change the air filter and have an AC repair technician check your system to identify the cause.

Get professionals to take care of your air conditioning during this extended summer season. An air conditioning service can provide further information.