Should You Convert To Electric For Heat?

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If you're doing a major remodel on your home, the type where the interior of the house is going to look completely different, you have an opportunity to install an HVAC system that truly meets your needs. This includes changing the type of fuel you use to run the heater. States like California are now placing restrictions on using gas in new homes, and even if your home isn't new, here's your chance to upgrade it in case you ever decide to sell. So, should you convert your heating system from gas to electric?

Do You Want Solar Panels?

If you want to get solar panels and use solar power for your home (or already have them to power the lights and air conditioning), you'd want to convert your heating system to electric. Technically, you can use the solar power you get to run the electrical components within a gas heating system; you just wouldn't be able to use the solar power for the heat itself. If you're replacing the furnace anyway, converting it all to electric would be easier.

No Leaks to Worry About

Want to know what a great advantage to switching to all-electric is? No leaks. No more gas leaks, no carbon monoxide worry, no leaks after quakes to worry about (although your neighbors' homes may still have gas and become a risk), and so on. If anything provides a reason to convert all your gas appliances over to electric, it would be that. If your stove and water heater are already running off electricity, then converting the heating to electric is a no-brainer. And if the water heater and stove are gas? Time to get a solar water heater and change out the stove, too.

What’s the History of Gas Pricing Like in Your Area?

Natural gas has had a pretty good run of low prices, at least compared to electricity, in many areas of the country. However, the price has been known to go up and down, and if you've already seen some fluctuations, you may want to consider converting everything to electric and then hooking it up to solar panels. You can't predict the price of gas, and as more homes and businesses are converted to electricity, the less gas will be in demand. You might want to just convert the heating to electric now instead of waiting to see what happens.

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