What Are The Reasons For Ducted Heating Not Working?

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If you have ducted heating and it won't turn on or isn't putting out enough heat, there are several things that could be to blame. Most of them require a professional heating repair company to find and fix the cause.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat is what turns your heating system on, so if it goes bad, you won't have any heat even if there's nothing wrong with the rest of your heating system. Of course, it's important to first check for operator errors like having your thermostat still in AC mode, switched off, or not at your desired temperature. Some thermostats also have batteries that need to be replaced.

If that doesn't fix your thermostat, it's time for a professional repair. A thermostat sends electric signals to your furnace, and those wires can go bad over time. There's nothing you can do except have any worn-out electrical components replaced.

Pilot Light

If you have a ducted heating system, you might be tempted to treat it like an air conditioner. Some ducted heating systems do work like air conditioners, but others use oil or gas heat. If you have oil or gas heat, you may have a pilot light that needs to be on to start your heating system.

Sometimes, a pilot light could be accidentally blown out if you were moving things near your heater and caused a large draft. However, if your pilot light keeps going out, having a professional look at it is essential. There may be air gaps causing your heating system to lose efficiency. Also, your pilot light uses a small amount of oil or gas, and having it out could mean oil or gas is leaking into your home.

Fan Not Turning On

If your system is heating or not blowing air, your thermostat is still a possible cause. There are two separate thermostat wires for the fan and the heating elements.

Otherwise, there are several things that could be wrong with your fan. Sometimes, they just wear out and need to be replaced. Other times, they may get stuck due to being dirty or having another part of your heating system break off into them.

Duct Leaks

If your system is heating, but there's no air coming out, or the airflow is weak, you could have a leak in your ducts. You'll need someone to go up into your attic and inspect the entire length of your ducts to find the spots to fix.

To get help fixing your heat, contact a local heating repair company today.