HVAC Services To Address Moisture Buildup And Other Common Problems

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Moisture buildup within the ductwork that connects to a heating system could contribute to mold and mildew growth. A heating contractor may offer duct cleaning services that will improve the manner in which a heating unit operates. They will also perform routine inspections of HVAC equipment.

The Ductwork Cleaning Process

The ductwork is responsible for transporting heated air from the furnace to the vent openings. Some HVAC units may have the capability of transporting both heated and cooled air. Temperature fluctuations can contribute to the buildup of moisture. Ductwork that is damaged or that was not installed properly could result in the loss of heat.

If dust is blowing out of the vents that are attached to ductwork sections, a professional cleaning process may be needed. Additionally, if there are visible signs of moisture accumulation or if an unpleasant scent within a home is directly tied to the ductwork, it will be beneficial to consult with an HVAC contractor. A contractor can determine if mold or mildew are present. If mold and mildew are spotted, mitigation efforts will be conducted. Promptly treating affected surfaces will improve the quality of the air within a home or business.

Temperature Variables And Insulation

A contractor may suggest that the temperature within a home or business is regulated. Consistency in how a heating or air conditioning unit is utilized may prevent damage to a unit. A contractor may need to insulate the ductwork that is attached to a heating or air conditioning unit. Insulation will prevent the escape of hot or cool air. Insulating materials can reduce the cost of energy. Since the ductwork may be installed behind the walls within a home or business, a contractor may need to remove the wall paneling, to access the duct pieces. 

Inspections And Care Processes

A contractor can perform annual inspections of equipment and advise on ways to care for a heating or cooling unit. If the ductwork is going to be cleaned during an inspection, a contractor may use a vacuum to collect loose residue. A contractor may advise a homeowner to perform basic upkeep themselves.

The vent covers that are part of an HVAC system should be dusted as needed. The filter that is used to collect dust should be inspected and replaced during the seasons that a heating or air conditioning unit is actively used. A contractor can winterize equipment that won't be used for several months.

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