9 Tips To Stay Cool While Waiting For The AC Repair

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It happens: the air conditioning needs repair, and it is getting hot. What can you do to cool the temperature down while you wait to be rescued by an HVAC professional? There are some things that you can proactively do to keep cool when the temperatures rise, as well as ways to help improve the performance of your air conditioning system. 

Stay cool while you wait for air conditioning repair with these 9 tips: 

1. To beat the heat, try the ice fan cooling trick. You will need an oscillating or adjustable fan and a bowl of ice cubes. Simply position the ice in front of the fan, turn on the fan, and wait. The air will cool from the addition of the ice!  

2. Pass the time while you wait with a cold shower.  

3. Keep a spray bottle of water nearby and give your face and neck a spritz as needed. It doesn't hurt to add some ice chips to the bottle. Also, consider adding a drop or two of your favorite skin-friendly essential oil for a bit of aromatherapeutic relief.  

4. Pull the shades, draw the curtains, and try to block the sun and any natural light.  

5. Choose light layers and wear organic cotton that breathes, if possible. Choose lightweight tee shirts and shorts in lighter shades that won't absorb heat.  

6. Make the switch to LED bulbs in all your lamps, lights, and fixtures. They are cooler, long-lasting, and cost-effective, too. LED emits far less heat than other types of bulbs, like incandescent or fluorescent.  

7. Prepare food bright and early, before it gets too hot to cook. Refrigerate until it is time to serve and heat up quickly, either in a microwave or on the stovetop. Consider eating cold foods- salad, sandwiches, fruit- instead and conserving cooking energy.   

8. Keep yourself hydrated by infusing water with fruits and veggies. Try some basic infused water recipes for a healthy jolt of vitamins and minerals.  

9. Surrender to the heat and head out to a shady spot or sit in air-conditioned comfort while you wait for the air conditioning tech to call and come repair your unit.  

Once the repair technician has come and gone, make your air conditioning more efficient with some very simple suggestions: 

Stay cool with these tips while you wait for an HVAC professional. Also, remember to troubleshoot the system and use the simple suggestions provided to optimize the performance of your air conditioning when you need it the most!