Pests, AC Replacement, And The Need For AC Repairs

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How can pests damage your air conditioner and what can you do to repair your home's cooling system? Age and wear are two of the top culprits behind AC issues. But pests can also turn into a problem for your air conditioner. If mice, rats, or another pest has made your system their home, take a look at what you need to know about AC replacement and air conditioning repair services.

How Do Pests Get Into An Air Conditioner?

Mice, rats, ants, and other pests are on the hunt for a suitable home. Even though you don't think your air conditioner is the ideal environment, pests do—especially the outdoor compressor unit. Rodents and other small creatures or critters can easily enter the unprotected outdoor component of your AC system. Along with the compressor or condenser, these pests may get into interior ductwork through barely-there holes and gaps. 

What Happens When Pests Get Into An AC System?

The answer to this question depends on the type of pest and which part of the system they call home. A mouse or other rodent may make their nest inside of the outdoor condenser. When inside, the rodent can chew through wires and cause shorts or a system failure. If these issues happen, your air conditioner may not turn on or you may notice that it blows warm air. 

Insects and other similar pests may not chew through wires—but this doesn't mean they can't or won't cause problems. The debris they leave behind can clog filters, ducts, and other parts of an AC system. This can force your system to work harder and cause a premature burn-out. Left untreated, pest-related problems could lead to the need for a system or parts replacement.

What Should You Do If You Suspect That Pests Are An AC Problem?

The obvious answer is to cause a pest management company. But this isn't the only contractor who you will need to contact. You will also need to schedule an appointment with an HVAC service technician.

The technician will inspect the system and look for evidence of pests or infestation-related issues. If possible, the technician will replace the wiring, fill gaps or cracks, and repair the damaged parts of the AC system.

Again, extensive pest-related damage may not respond to a quick fix. Major electrical (wire) issues and severe wear may require a replacement. The technician will review the extent of the damage and provide you with air conditioner repair and replacement options. If your system is older, inefficient, or has other problems cooling your home completely, a replacement can save you money in utility costs and future service calls.

For more information on AC replacement, contact a professional near you.