AC Replacement: Duct Work And Filtration Upgrades

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Upgrading your air conditioning (AC) system isn't just about replacing the old unit with a new one. Often, this major home improvement task provides an excellent opportunity to also review and optimize other key components of your home's HVAC system – namely, ductwork and air filtration.

Here are some duct work and filtration upgrades to consider during an AC replacement.

Understanding the Importance of Duct Work and Filtration

Your AC's performance doesn't solely rely on the unit itself. How efficiently it cools your home depends largely on two other crucial factors – the ductwork that transports the cooled air throughout your home, and the filtration system that purifies the air before it's circulated.

Duct Work Upgrades During AC Replacement

When replacing your AC, consider having a professional HVAC technician inspect your ductwork for any issues that could affect your new system's performance. Here are some potential upgrades:

Filtration Upgrades During AC Replacement

Replacing your AC system also presents an ideal opportunity to upgrade your air filtration system. Here are some potential upgrades:

Remember, the goal is not just replacing an old AC unit, but creating a more efficient, healthier, and more comfortable indoor environment. Contact an AC replacement service today to learn more.