3 Air Conditioning Problems That Can Be Prevented When You Have Annual AC Services

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Annual AC maintenance services help you get a long life from your equipment and prevent breakdowns that happen from neglect. Sometimes, parts in your HVAC can wear out and lead to the need for repairs, but many times, repairs are needed simply because the equipment wasn't maintained properly. Here's a look at three malfunctions that can be prevented through annual AC services.

1. Water Damage From A Condensation Leak

An AC technician checks on the condensation system when doing annual maintenance. This system catches water that drips from the evaporator coil and drains it to the outside of your house. When your AC runs, it creates condensation, so water drips frequently into the collection pan. When the drain that leads from the pan to the outdoors gets clogged with algae, bugs, or something else, water can't drain.

The water spills on the floor instead and can cause water damage or mold growth. This problem can be prevented by checking and cleaning the drain to remove the clog. It's better to do this before a clog causes problems, or you may need to pay for mold removal and water damage repair, too.

2. Burned Out Motor Due To Dirty Blower Fan

The blower fan for the air conditioner is the same fan that also runs all winter for the furnace. By the end of winter, the blower might be full of dust. When you have annual AC services, the technician will clean the fan so it starts the summer off clean and free from dusty clogs. If this isn't done, the fan can get too much dust in it and be difficult to spin. This can stress the motor and make it burn out. This may lead to the need to replace the motor when motor damage could have been prevented through maintenance.

3. Ice On The Condenser Due To Poor Airflow

Ice on the condenser outside can be a shock to see, but it happens sometimes. It can happen if the refrigerant is leaking, which can be a serious problem. However, ice can also grow due to poor airflow. This can happen to either the evaporator coil inside or the condenser coil outside. When the evaporator coil freezes due to poor airflow, the problem may be a filter that's clogged with dust.

When the condenser coil outside has ice on it, the problem might be clogged condenser fins that prevent the coil from getting enough air circulation. This problem can be prevented when your AC is cleaned during an annual AC service call. If ice forms on the coils, your AC may not be harmed, but your AC won't be able to cool your house and the equipment may shut down and leave you hot and miserable until a technician can get the ice thawed and your AC working again.

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